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Writer/producer prev seen on NATGEO, HIST, DISC, MBN, HuffPo. I also explore wonderful works of art on and chat on Bluesky at

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  1. One of my favorite images of winter and a masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Hunters in the Snow (1565) at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Three hunters trudge past an inn where the kitchen staff is preparing to roast a pig. A crooked sign above the fire depicts Sain
  2. Merry Christmas, Posties

    My most recent column is the story of a man who became a legend without uttering one word on the record. It seems important to say that up front.... #merryChristmastoall #FelizNavidad #ChristmasEve #arthistory
  3. Even the littlest artists can enjoy a fancy art museum 🥰 #art #artists #ArtMuseums #kids
  4. Terrific profile . . . insightful and fun to read
  5. Mayor of Paris leaves X-Twitter
  6. You guys! Serious question. Sometimes when I open #Post , the photos are at the top of each post, but five minutes later they are at the bottom of each post (with your words on top). Is this happening to you, too? Or do I need to seek medical attention?
  7. Joan Miró, "The Morning Star (1940)" During World War II, Miró used the night sky as a coping mechanism, to escape from the terrors of war into a fantasy world. "I felt a deep desire to flee," said Miró. "I shut myself within myself. Music and the stars played a major role in my
  8. Eighteen days later, he's still my first choice... #GOP #speaker #republicans
  9. #Trump arriving in court today. Great photo by Doug Mills, NYT
  10. Jim Jordan vows to fight on until he gets zero votes #SpeakerOfTheHouseVote #jimjordan #gop #politics #speaker
  11. You know this would be fun to watch.... #Trump #gagorder #jacksmith #judgechutkan
  12. Remember Clint Eastwood speaking to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention? Not so weird anymore, right? #GOP #HouseSpeaker #Politics #Republicans #republicanstupidity
  13. Reminder that the Speaker does not actually have to be a Member of the House of Representatives
  14. Yesterday was like watching the #GOP step on a rake
  15. Good morning! I’m in the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon, looking at an Islamic illuminated book from the 1500s. (Sorry to say, photography is not allowed.) In one of the book's beautifully painted little pictures, three drunks have been brought before the king for sentencing.
  16. Maybe Swifties will save us #democracy #VOTE #politics #taylorswift
  17. Betye Saar tells ghost stories

    A Black artist I admire recently celebrated her 97th birthday. (!) Betye Saar's haunting works of art summon the painful details that often go missing in stories about her historical ancestors. Notably, she is one of the first American artists to focus on the chasm between the co
  18. The United States has already surpassed 470 mass shootings this year. How did we become these people? Lithograph by Kathë Kollwitz #GunViolence2023 #massshootings #NRA #news #politics #Jacksonville
  19. #TGIF Posties!

    Here's how two famous painters got their best ideas by just walkin' around.... Click here (it's free) #Manet #Bellows #art #ArtHistory #Impressionism #urbanization #Paris

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