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New Yorker transplanted to Maine. Business owner. Mom to Ellie and Sammie. I believe in Science!

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  1. Any of these Biden district Republicans who vote to elect Jim Jordan as speaker are ensuring that they’ll lose their seat in 2024. That’s not a threat — it’s a promise.
  2. In the last 2 weeks: One party won more affordable medications -- and more student loan relief. The other party - tried to impeach the president, had no case, and withdrew it - tried to shut down the government, didn't have the votes, and failed - voted out their own leader
  3. BREAKING: Evidence shows Trump had "final review" of fraudulent financial statements. Yes, this was the Trump Organization -- not a PENNY moved around that company without Trump being in control of it. He ran it as a personal fiefdom. And he's personally liable for its fraud.
  4. New York is having terrible flooding. FEMA won't help - because of the federal government shutdown caused by House Republicans. So, thanks to... - George Santos - Mike Lawler - Andrew Garbarino - Nick LaLota - Anthony D'Esposito - Nicole Malliotakis ... for screwing us over.

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