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Care - be there - be fair. Soyez attentif - soyez présent - soyez juste.

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  1. Please action this - it is important for all of us.
  2. There are none so blind as those that will not see and none so deaf as those that will not hear. My resolution for 2023. Use the following chart regularly, and encourage others to do the same.
  3. To so many - thank you/merci/grazie/danke schön/Dyakuyu
  4. To you and those you love...
  5. Might be the case for many right now...YOU'VE GOT THIS!
  6. A thought...
  7. To the community of Vaughn, now reeling from the senseless events of Sunday, December 18th evening - our thoughts are with you all. Sending you wishes for courage and resilience at this horrific time.
  8. To all who are celebrating this sacred time of year.
  9. And the snow continues to wrap everything in its white magic.
  10. At this bittersweet time for many.
  11. Here's hoping this social "universe" will remain fair, honest and respectful.

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