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  1. Are we going to be screwed with the deepfakes possible thanks to OpenAI's Sora?
  2. It is time we, as Jews, start rekindling our Canaanite heritage, and inviting in the wayward kin of Canaan, including but not limited to Palestinians.
  3. A Symbol of Subjugation

    I am tired of seeing pictures of the Dome of the Rock as core iconography of Palestinian solidarity. It is an offensive symbol of oppression.
  4. Hey Everyone

    I know I haven't posted too much here yet. It's probably going to take quite some time to get a following. I've never been good at that. But I hope people are enjoying my content at least.
  5. Watch Out for Black Swans

    In the annals of economic history, the phenomenon of 'black swan' events stands as a stark reminder of the unpredictability and cyclicality inherent in global markets. These rare, unforeseen occurrences have repeatedly demonstrated their capacity to precipitate profound economic
  6. The Goy Guide to Jewish Conversion

    The notion of “conversion” to Judaism lending validity towards the right of return may initially appear puzzling, especially when compared to traditional conceptions of citizenship and nationality such as Ireland’s jus sanguinis principle. Continuing with Ireland as a contrast, l
  7. Bloodline Bonds and the Jewish Journey Back to Israel

    The notion of belonging to a nation, both legally and emotionally, is a complex tapestry woven from the threads of law, history, and personal identity. Citizenship acts as the legal acknowledgment of this bond, a relationship that is as much about rights and responsibilities as i
  8. In the discourse surrounding the Levant's ancient geography, we stand against a tide of historical distortion that threatens to wash away the indelible Jewish connection to this storied land. As the Hebrew names rooted in millennia are supplanted by newer appellations, we witness
  9. Thoughts: Balancing Expression and Anonymity

    Regarding the approach to social media moderation, especially in tackling bad actors, bigotry, and misinformation, it seems prudent to propose a nuanced editorial review policy based on user anonymity. The central idea here is straightforward: the more anonymous an individual is
  10. Mood.
  11. Genetic Myths and Truths in Israel

    Something I keep hearing is that Israel has a ban on DNA testing. As is common with misinformation, this rhetoric skews away from the truth, just enough to sound reasonable, even though it's not. The prevailing misconception that DNA testing is outright banned in Israel needs cla
  12. Trying to be more active here!

    I'm pretty active on Twitter and bsky, and I've spent a good chunk of time writing detailed articles on Medium. Vocal.Media has been on my list too. Recently, I started exploring Post.News, but initially, I was stumped. Why add another platform to the mix, especially when Medium'
  13. Why Do Paradigm Shifts Happen?

    Paradigm shifts in societal control systems, pivotal to the narrative of societal evolution, are phenomena often perceived as sudden and disruptive, akin to the snapping of a stretched rubber band. This perception, however, only skims the surface of a deeper, more intricate proce
  14. When you think about it, the idea of Israel and the concept of a gay bar share some interesting common ground. Both are about creating a space where a specific group of people can feel safe and accepted. But the needs they address and how they go about it are pretty different, an
  15. The Paradox of Tolerance Is Not a Paradox at All

    We do not need to be tolerant of behavior. We need only some tolerance towards ideas. But we need considerable tolerance towards other people.
  16. Let's Look Beyond Labor Theory of Value

    Labor can have a lot of value, or very little. Value also appears quite subjective. And it seems that things that take a lot of energy to make, have a lot of value. But what is the true source of value? Exergy. It's the piece that unites the puzzle.
  17. Checking In

    Alright, I'll be honest. I kind of forgot about this place for quite a while. I don't know. This one just doesn't fill a niche that isn't already filled elsewhere I guess?
  18. The truth is that loans should be incredibly incredibly difficult to obtain. They're only easy to acquire because we need debt to enjoy even a modicum of comfort in today's world. Make things more affordable, and debt wouldn't need to be as readily available. #economics #life
  19. A United States is a shell of its former self, if it ever was great to begin with. #politics #UnitedStates
  20. This is Society on State Socialism

    I'm definitely a socialist, but reject statism. When state socialism does maintain a stable society, it does so through extreme resistance to change, and while everyone mostly has their very basic needs met, that's it.

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