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  1. This is the process by which America may destroy itself.
  2. Info about how badly Russia is continuing to lose to #Ukraine isn’t getting through the social media filters as well anymore.
  3. Pay close attention to the altruists for they aren’t always what they seem.
  4. Transparency isn’t the cure all corrective some folks think it is.
  5. Nice
  6. Hopefully my last Twitter content. It’s a “read-only” platform for me from now on. Throw me a like if you’re doing the same.
  7. Relevant to this platform: (especially if you don’t like oligarchs)
  8. On here THIS needs to be shared and discussed widely. (I’m also known by this name over on mastodon) #post #musk #twitter
  9. This needs to be shared and discussed widely.
  10. You really want to grow this place you’re going to have to leverage users narcissistic impulses. Unfortunately.
  11. We seem to be getting closer to rhyming with history.

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