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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Austin, TX

Dad rocker. Music dork. Cheerful fatalist. Houston sports fiend. I like cheap coffee. I daydream about old video games. He / Him / Hou

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  1. 2022 Mix Tape

    Hey friends! Every year I make a "mix tape" of my favorite jams, and it's time for my 2022 Mix Tape. As per usual, this is all new music that came out this year. Let me know your thoughts and drop you
  2. This is the way.
  3. Right now it's chatbots and selfies, but we're at the dawn of AI as a technology. Humanity, your manufacturer warranty has almost expired. Press one if you...
  4. Really hope God's not measuring on a good-works-above-replacement basis.
  5. My Hunter Biden laptop opinion: unless exposing CSAM, the repair tech sharing the contents of someone else's laptop is the bad guy.
  6. Feel like the biggest takeaway from the midterms was Americans decisively rejected election denialism and frontal attacks on democracy. Voters know this way lies crazy town.
  7. Bought this ornament last night. Kids are big flaming hot cheeto fans.

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