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Retired, then why am I so busy?


Old and graying, and waiting for the Richer and in Health. Hubby and I have the Poorer and Sickness down pat.

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  1. Time to bust the filibuster.
  2. While I believe in good magic, this ain't it. These are all wicked.
  3. Summer is here, the poppies have come and gone, the cacti are blooming but will be gone before we know it. Like crystal n a china shop, they are beautiful but fragile. Touch at your own risk.
  4. Mike Pence

    Mike Pence is ready to enter the Olympic Squirming and Flipping Competition as he tries to get out of testifying. We are ready when he finally succumbs to the inevitable. So mote it be.
  5. Of course it was.
  6. No one person, one corporation, or any group of people should have that kind of power.
  7. Time to erase DeSantis and his nazi legislators.
  8. Hey, Cheeseheads! Calling all Wisconsinites! You have a State Supreme Court primary on February 21st. It's a Jungle Primary, where the top 2 vote getters go forward to the General Election. So it's vitally important to make sure at least one of them supports democracy, women's ri
  9. Our sweet innocent rescue kitten has turned into the Wolverine.
  10. G
  11. "Nitro"
  12. Well said.
  13. To paraphrase a great movie line, Republicans can't handle the truth.
  14. SCOOP: Here's a wild story. The arrest of FBI agent Charles McGonigal is tied to the bizarre case of a GOP lobbyist being paid by a mysterious Russia-linked shell company to help a right-wing Albanian political party win support in the US. Is secret Russian money influencing Amer
  15. Absolutely delightful.
  16. Well done Citizens of Ottawa!
  17. Yep, he has tried to enslave the working poor for years by eliminating the only retirement they could look forward to.
  18. Excellent.

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