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Composer, Professor, Art-lover, Humanist and Animal-lover

News & information junky | Classical- & art-music from Machaut to Murail | Alt & indie music | Especially interested in visual arts | Author of what is likely the least read dissertation in the English language.

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  1. The use of terror as a military propaganda. #MadeonPost Scientific analysis of the propaganda tactics employed by Hamas reveals several key points. Firstly, the organization strategically selects and manipulates information to create a specific narrative that aligns with its objec
  2. As if Rudy didn't already have enough problems.
  3. Here We Go!💥 Trump confidant Erik Prince due in court next week for ARMS TRAFFICKING.
  4. Ohio voters: The extremist GOP Secretary of State is canceling votes, purging thousands of names recently from the voter rolls, right before this important referendum on abortion rights. Make sure you were not among them! Check here for your status: Double check my voter status
  5. A Man with handgun seeking Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was arrested yesterday in state the Capitol. He posted bail and returned with AK-47 style assault rifle. This is America.
  6. By Ananya Gairola U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), along with several congressional members, on Wednesday sent a letter to Elon Musk regarding the reported termination of a significant portion of X’s (formerly Twitter) election integrity team. What Happened: Last week, it was repo
  7. Another quiet yet monumental step forward for regular folks as orchestrated by the Biden administration. So little braggadocio from this administration when there is much to tout. The difference between this approach and TFG's bluster around nothing but incompetent-chaos is stark
  8. Good morning! I've spent several hours parsing this MONSTER indictment to bring you what we call in the government a BLUF - or Bottom Line Up Front. I hope this helps folks wrap their heads around how the Fulton County DA has charged this sprawling racketeering criminal enterpris
  9. Don't let them off the hook!
  10. The Left and the Right both cry foul😩
  11. So far, so good.
  12. The Federalist Society is code for Christofascists. They cloak themselves in the esoteric writings of the framers of the Constitution, hoping you've never read the Federalist Papers so they can bambooz
  13. I’ve been replying to every GOP lie with this fact all week. They gave away all that revenue with zero plan. Zero.
  14. #CovidDeaths & #LongCovid are UNDERCOUNTED.
  15. Who could have guessed that the #Tesla Autopilot video touted as "Tesla drives itself" by Elon Musk was staged?
  16. She should definitely return all federal funding, close all military bases in Arkansas, shut down all federal facilities, etc.

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