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Dennis Noonan


Retired Astronaut, Rabbit Hunter and Liar.

Former systems analyst and freelance writer. No longer in the game. Living in Boston Metrowest. Trying to keep it entertaining.

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  1. The Daily Show

    How come the Daily Show is usually funny right up until when they start interviewing the guest? They seem to forget that it's on Comedy Central so we are not there to be lectured on social equity. Had to turn off interview with Ann Navarro because she is not funny. My friend R
  2. Some things I've learned about air travel:

    - Don't start reading a novel involving a plane crash just before you are scheduled to fly. - Don't choose aisle seats in the first 3 rows or you will have to put up with standees waiting for the (tiny) restroom. - Don't get on the aircraft hungry. - Noise cancelling headphones can
  3. St. Patrick’s Day

    Fake Irishmen wearing silly green ties Calling with bad brogues for a wee dram of green beer In bars festooned with shamrocks Pipes and cartoon leprechauns they Sing-a-long to a verse of Danny Boy Like tone deaf drunken goats, They set the dogs to barking With their droning tura-lura-lur
  4. Warning to Seniors

    Beware of the "Grandparent Scam." You get a call from someone who pretends to be your grandson, needing money. Me: Who is this? Caller: It's your favorite grandson. Me: Billy? Caller: Yes, Grandpa. I'm in a jam and need some money... Me: Too bad. I don't have a grandson named Bi
  5. Surprise! I just tried the new dark roast at Dunkin's (Midnight). It's really pretty good. And cheaper than Starbucks.
  6. How to handle sensitive papers

    I recently found some secret documents in my basement. Being sensible, I burned them before the Feds found out. Maybe I should run for higher office.
  7. Food for thought
  8. Lucky You!

    Consider your selves lucky. You didn't get a Christmas Letter from us this year, recalling the memorable moments experienced by our wonderful family during the last twelve months. You did not have t
  9. Recipe for Noonan's Irish Organic Pasta Sauce

    Ingredients List (serves 2) 4 oz Irish Whisky 4 ripe garden tomatoes (not store-boughts)* 2 Cloves Garlic chopped. A dozen fresh basil leaves torn or chopped roughly. A few shakes of dried Oregano 3 pinches
  10. Man Watching When she sees me retreat a safe distance to rest on the teak bench near the porch, having raked and barreled autumn's detritus, my friend Mrs Robin cruises in from her watching place, eyeballs
  11. I just discovered the Create Post button lower right hand corner.
  12. Back to Dunn's for Guys Shopping Day

    Guys shopping day - Years ago, we would meet-up on the Saturday before Christmas, drive to the mall and shop for our wives. Nowadays, we shop online and just meet for lunch at Dunn Gaherin in Newton
  13. He was not forced to resign; he did it out of respect for the institution of the Senate. I never felt he should resign. The "me too" event happened well before he was elected.

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