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Dennis Kambury


Composer in residence, voice actor in a studio.

Portland, Oregon

I'm a composer, voice actor, musician, and sort of retired — sort of not. I like to cook, but not too keen on doing the dishes. And I am a liberal because while all lives matter, I believe some need a little more TLC than others.

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  1. Where's the beef?

    I dropped in to see what's going on here. Seems very quiet. Lots of kitty pix and flowers, not a lot of political opinion. I kinda miss political opinion, even if I don't agree with it. Especially if
  2. This guy gets it.
  3. ISO

    Are there any other composers or voice actors here? Asking for a friend. OK, asking for people to follow! Meanwhile, listening to some Christine McVie, who I've been listening to since the oldest days
  4. Hello, how are you? Have you been alright?

    I guess I passed the audition! This all looks very clean, very sane, and so far no ads. Lots of cat pictures, and some posts to explore. And hot damn, stylized text ! I'm in love. Here's Davis the cat

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