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  1. In our society's ongoing effort to understand and address the harms caused by social media, tech companies continue to deploy the same strategy that paid dividends for big oil and others. They aim to
  2. With Ukrainian Defender😼 #ukraine #walterreport #photography #postphotos #art #war #pets #democracy #cats #nature #petsofpost #catsofpost #postcats #politics
  3. One of the rescue dogs , helping to locate under the rubble the victims of russian missile strike against Ukrainian civilians. Dnipro, Ukraine 🇺🇦 #ukraine #photography #walterreport #war #postplaces #art
  4. Happy Birthday, Daddy. I miss you. I’m grateful for your life. I’m honored to be a bearer of your legacy. I’m growing in your teachings. Thank you for your sacrifice and love for humanity. #MLK #Legac
  5. My mother, #CorettaScottKing, who founded #TheKingCenter less than three months after my father was assassinated, exemplified divine strength, resolve, and moral fortitude. Her legacy is often oversha
  6. If Elon wanted to "win" this poll, his army of tens of millions of bot followers would have already flooded it, just as he did when he reinstated Trump. This is a publicity stunt to save face and prete
  7. It's important to realize that Twitter is in the process of being destroyed not just because of Musk but because of the Twitter board which agreed to sell it to him and people like Jack Dorsey, who en
  8. Fascinating exhibit in the research galleries at the the Harvard Art Museums “Funerary Portraits from Roman Egypt: Facing Forward”. Including pigments, media, reconstructions, and technical study. A g
  9. Mariupol, exactly one year ago. Then Russians came and destroyed it all. #ukraine #postplaces #postphotos
  10. Talk about what concerns you.

    People over here for 'better discourse' not wanting to hear about 'the other site' seem to be missing the point. It's not about continuing to stir up the drama - it's that the free speech vs authoritar
  11. What if your goal was to disrupt 16 years of liberal/progressive organizing and messaging and forcing your enemies to start over in multiple small locations that don't talk to each other?
  12. pls share/RT Growing Conservative Weirdness Is Bad For Liberals

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