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A Vet bringing free healthcare screenings to Homeless, Native Americans, Vets, the poor, anyone who can not afford it! It is everyone's right! People need HELP!

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  1. By Davis Winkie, Karen Jowers, Leo Shane III The Defense Department, thanks to the fiscal year 2024 defense policy bill, has the authority to increase family separation allowance sharply. But it hasn’t happened, yet. In its current form, family separation allowance provides an addi
  2. By Iryna Balachuk Ukraine’s Defence Forces continue to make progress towards defeating the Russians, as they killed 960 Russian soldiers and destroyed 59 armoured combat vehicles, 51 artillery systems and 22 tanks belonging to the Russians over the past day alone. Source: General S
  3. Poland scrambled military aircraft in response to Russia’s morning missile strike on Ukraine, Polish Armed Forces Operational Command said on X (Twitter) on Jan. 23 The Polish military observed increased activity by Russian aviation, which was related to attacks against Ukraine. "N
  4. By Andrea Blanco Authorities in North Carolina have accused a man of murdering his wife and tossing her body in a lake. Omar Matthew Ibrahim Drabick, 34, is facing charges of first-degree murder and concealment of unnatural death in connection with the killing of his wife Hadeel Gh
  5. Giuliani allegedly groped Hutchinson during the “Stop the Steal” rally. By Bess Levin Last June, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson provided bombshell testimony to the January 6 committee regarding Donald Trump ’s actions on January 6, including that he knew some of his foll
  6. We go LIVE in about 10 minutes. Just click on the post below, and reply to it with your questions. I'll answer as many as I can, and because my content is always free, tips are greatly, greatly appreciated <3
  7. He’s also reportedly been asking people in his inner circle if they think he’ll get to go to a cushy “club fed”-type prison or will be sentenced to time in a “bad” one. By Bess Levin When Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Meet the Press that aired on Sunday, host Kristen
  8. By Sheryl Estrada Good morning. Four business days. That’s how long public companies have to report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a cybersecurity breach that may impact an organization’s bottom line. The SEC announced the adoption of new rules on July 26 that
  9. By Alex Lawler and Natalie Grover By Alex Lawler and Natalie Grover LONDON (Reuters) -Oil rose on Monday as top exporter Saudi Arabia extended its supply cut through August, overshadowing concerns about a global economic slowdown and possible further interest rate hikes from the U
  10. By Andrea Blanco Thousands of hotel workers in Southern California walked off the job on Sunday to demand higher salaries and better benefits. The strikes came after a contract between the hotels and Unite Here Local 11, the union representing 15,000 hotel workers across 62 hotels,
  11. “Step away from the phone to see your friends & family,” says the owner of the beleaguered social media platform. By Tara Ariano Twitter has been collapsing in slow motion since Elon Musk was forced (after he tried to renege on the $44 billion deal ) to buy the social media platform
  12. By John Bowden Mike Pence cheered the end of affirmative action in US colleges and universities on Sunday in the wake of the Supreme Court ’s ruling outlawing the practice. The former vice president discussed the issue on CBS’s Face the Nation and said that the time for policies aim
  13. (Reuters) - Ukrainian forces are resisting a Russian onslaught in eastern areas of the front and face difficulties in the northeast, but are making progress near the shattered city of Bakhmut and in the south, the deputy defence minister said on Sunday. Russian accounts of the fro
  14. Let me be clear: If North Carolina enacts a new voter suppression law, it will be sued. And it will lose.
  15. This is Soviet-style censorship
  16. What is happening on Twitter is akin to Soviet-style censoship, without the physical torture. Stalin was so hyper-sensitive to being criticized, if someone put a coffee cup down on his photo in a news
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