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Debbie Margerum


Nature and wildlife photographer

Lover of nature, wildlife and try to save the world one animal at a time. Concerned about the state of the planet.

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  1. We had a surprise this morning. Mama had just given birth to her baby in our backyard. Such a magical gift! #MotherNature #Trust #Gifts
  2. Don't quit -- unite! For the rest of the Fourth: - If you follow me, I'll follow you back. - If you already follow me, RT and I'll follow back! Let's do this! #FBR #NAFO #NAFOFellas
  3. When I listen to my mother, wife, ex-wife, sisters, daughters and nieces talking about having children, raising children and nurturing children, there is a distinct and invariable message, theme and q
  4. It only took a few days to be approved! This should be fun! 😅😅😅

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