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“Get into good trouble, necessary trouble” J Lewis

Painter- artist- educator with a passion for nature, art and history. I believe and fight for women’s rights -equality and democracy.

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  1. According to Republicans, cruel greedy heartless fascist bigoted homophobic misogynistic sexist ignorant rapey racist regressive talibangelical traitors are the good guys. Reality tells a different story. Vote Blue.
  2. “According to the Huffington Post, 57 state and local elected Republican officials from 27 states attended the January 6 rally. The identified insurrectionists included 16 Republican members of state houses or assemblies, 4 state senators, a state attorney general, 6 county commi
  3. By Robert Reich Friends, I worry that those of us who are dedicated to democracy and therefore committed to playing by the rules are underestimating the willingness of House Republicans to break the rules to elect Trump. Remember: Most current Republican members of the House, includ

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