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Animal lover. Goofball. Sensitive, smartass. I hate bullies.


Proud Dem, ProChoice. Chronic pain & anxiety suf., smartass, silly weirdo, artist & BIG animal lover❤️Man is the cruelest animal ~F Nietzsche. Twitter refugee. Still tweeting though, hopelessly 

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  1. I have a few thoughts on Merrick Garland's DoJ filing a notice that they intend to appeal the sentences of 8 of the Oath Keepers, including their leader Stewart Rhodes. In all 8 cases, Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, sentenced the Oath Keepers well below the sentencing guid
  2. I would add that we need to shame the idiots who choose to put our pets and veterans at risk, as well as the climate and their own safety.
  3. On June 23rd, Special Counsel Jack Smith's office filed a motion with Judge Aileen Cannon to continue (delay) the documents trail from August 14th to December 11th (filing linked below). In that filing, the DoJ's reasons for the delay are two-fold: First, to give enough time for t
  4. MORE FROM TRUMP'S EX-LAWYER. THE ONE THAT JUST QUIT 'That Tape is Problematic': Ex-Trump Lawyer Describes the Moment Bedminster Audio Surfaced 👀 WATCH VIDEO #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  5. Twitter is having a meltdown, and it’s no longer even fun to watch it melt. It’s just depressing.
  6. So the next time that Elon Musk shoots a rocket into space and something goes wrong, will he charge an extra fee to the passengers to ensure that they return to earth in one piece? 🤔 #TwitterIsBroken

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