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Dee McClenthan


Syracuse native 🍊 Houseplant Hobbyist & Gardener

Syracuse NY

Crazy plant lady and gardener. I run a local plant group. So that’s why I’m a "crazy" plant lady. WFBP 💪🏻 Be kind. ☮️

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  1. Please share or donate. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. This is my grandkitty and he needs surgery. #blackcat #cats
  2. Democrats can be in charge or Republicans can be in charge. Those are the only 2 options. Not voting tends to benefit Republicans. Republican presidents always mess up the economy, then we elect a Demo
  3. Won this in an Instagram giveaway. #anthuriumcrystalsilver #houseplants #plants #houseplanthobbyest
  4. Persian shield #plants #houseplants #purpleplants
  5. I miss summer in the `Cuse #gardening #citygarden #garden
  6. Amusing to watch the chaos in the Republican Party today.
  7. I’ve been #sober for an entire year. 🎉
  8. It’s that “5-day turnaround to New Year’s Eve” season! Happy lost days, to those who celebrate.
  9. Peace and Love. #VoteBlue
  10. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Post page. Glad to be here.
  11. Had to escape the toxicity of Twitter.

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