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Deborah McCarty


Never give up, never surrender!

Charleston, SC

. Florida native Empath quarantined in the Deep South. Original Hippie who still believes in peace and love but doesn’t back down from any fight.💫✨

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  1. Same. Fuck him and his Russian/Saudi partners.
  2. We need to remember this every damn day, going forward.
  3. Man, I’ve been having a really tough time with my job search since graduation. I’m a sports journalist who has seven years experience of writing, broadcast media and communications. I’ve written for t
  4. We are finally on Post! Do us a huge favor: If you're 100% committed to defeating the right-wing, anti-democracy radicals trying to destroy everything we care about, Re-Post this Post and follow us!
  5. Happy to amplify you!
  6. I'm here and loving this simple interface!

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