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  1. America is lost
  2. Trump Compares Political Foes To ‘Vermin’ On Veterans Day—Echoing Nazi Propaganda
  3. Dean Phillips is mounting a Democratic primary challenge for his own ego. And Steve Schmidt is in it for Phillips’ money. It’s gross and embarrassing.
  4. 🚨BREAKING: 5th Circuit sets Jan. 15, 2024 deadline for Louisiana to enact/reject a new congressional redistricting plan. If state fails to enact new plan, trial on merits in time for 2024. We are one step closer to fair and legal maps in 2024.
  5. By Graeme Massie A Georgia man has been charged with threatening to kill far-right Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene , her family, and staff. Sean Patrick Cirillo, 34, of Macon, Georgia allegedly called the congresswoman’s office and threatened to shoot and kill her, Ms Gre
  6. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) injected significant capital into its U.S. unit to help settle trades after it was hacked this week and has hired a third party to make sure its systems are safe, three sources familiar with the matter said. ICBC’
  7. By Jay Kuo Now that the Republicans finally and unanimously elected their new Speaker, they can begin running the House again. Right? Welp. The unity they showed in electing Mike Johnson has already collapsed. With a government shutdown looming on Friday, they once again need to ki
  8. By Scott Galloway I spent the first 30 years of my life not worried enough about things I could control. And the last 10, too worried about things I have almost no control over. That’s accelerated over the past few weeks, but there’s a silver lining: I’ve been so fucking freaked o
  9. By: David Lawder and Ann Saphir SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday said the U.S. government had seen evidence that Chinese firms may be aiding in the flow of equipment to Russia's war effort despite Western sanctions, and said she had urged Ch
  10. What the heck is going on!!
  11. As they should
  12. By: Nidal al-Mughrabi and Humeyra Pamuk GAZA (Reuters) - The United States on Friday expressed growing concern about the rising Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip where health officials said the number killed in a five-week-old Israeli bombardment had topped 11,000. Fighting
  13. Bloody stupid
  14. Good
  15. Screw them - the minute they demand that Jim Jordan do his civic duty and responding to his outstanding subpoena from 2 yrs ago a - we can talk!! Outrageous and ridiculous bunch who think they’re above it all!
  16. I hope the Republicans keep pushing their anti-abortion agenda across America to underscore, over and over and over, how willing they are to strip away women’s reproductive rights and how hostile they are to the will of the majority. I have no reason to assume this will convince

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