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Freelance editor; founder; author WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES and books for young readers.

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  1. Pleased to be part of SCBWI Southern Breeze's annual Writing and Illustrating for Kids (WIK) conference in Homewood, Alabama, on Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April 27, 2024. They put together a #kidlit handbook with faculty insights based on years of publishing industry experi
  2. I created a Cheat Sheet for my book WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES. I was reminded at Writers Day how useful writers find it. Check It out FREE + downloadable:
  3. Fun at SCBWI LA Writers Day!
  4. Karol Ruth Silverstein shared her publishing journey for CURSED at SCBWI LA Writers Day ✨ 📘
  5. While I waited in the parking lot for the Kia Forum to open for Madonna's concert, I read half of Susan McCauley's YA Merlin's Apprentice: The Mage. Book 2 in the series is poised for publication next. It's a fun read, gang. On to the second half! #merlinsapprentice
  6. Edited a middle grade novel today at Lake Murray, part of Mission Trails Regional Park, which encompasses 8,000 acres of both natural and developed recreational acres. “Its rugged hills, valleys, and open areas represent a San Diego prior to the landing of Cabrillo in San Diego B
  7. The lake is supposed to be open today, but for some reason the gate was locked. So I found a great spot on the hill above it to edit an adorable picture book featuring animals #MobileEditingOffice
  8. I enjoyed listening to Ethan Hawke narrate this year's Newbery Medal winning novel. Finished it as my plane landed in Big Sur for the writers workshop. I was distracted from the book by Life a good many times, though, so maybe I'll listen to it again some day.
  9. Huzzah! I’m up in Monterey for beautiful, DRY weather and three days with writers and agents at Big Sur Children’s Writers Workshop. It starts shortly. I’m excited!
  10. Edited a book about love at Linda Lake in Lakeside. In the distance is the Lindo Lake Boathouse, built in 1887. #MobileEditingOffice #amediting
  11. Join me! I’m presenting “The Ultimate Checklist for Submitting to Editors: 10 Tests a Novel Must pass to Prove It’s Really Ready for Submission” Other faculty: Ariel Richardson, editor, Chronicle Henry Lien, author Liz Garton Scanlon, author Karol Ruth Silverstein, author, screenwrit
  12. Do you include your prologue when an agents asks for sample pages? Yes! A prologue is your introductory handshake with your readers; extend that same hand to your potential agent. #manuscriptsubmission
  13. Editing a chapter book in which water is a major feature, so I set up my #MobileEditingOffice at the lake. 61° and overcast, so quite comfortable & no umbrella needed. Lovely! BTW, the past few days of rains raised the height of the lake a lot.
  14. Should you submit your prologue when an agent asks for sample pages? A writer asks, and The Editor answers in today’s post: #amwriting #kidlit #manuscriptsubmission
  15. Edited a YA novel at Portside Pier yesterday, with a lovely view of the San Diego Bay. I settled inside Portside Coffee & Gelato’s glass dome after dropping off friends at the nearby airport. Airport dropoff bonus! #MobileEditingOffice
  16. Peek-boo, little gopher on my first walk of the new year 👋❤️
  17. Surrounding regional phrasing with similarly styled dialogue and narrative details that suggest a specific place is flavorful, smooth, and satisfying. #writing #writingtips #youngadultfiction #middlegradefiction #newadultfiction #kidlit #writingcommunity
  18. Edited a middle grade novel while sitting in SDSU's student union today. #16 on Forbes Top 25 U.S. Colleges list this year, and my alma mater. Go Aztecs! *Thought I'd grab a hot cocoa from the Starbucks just out of photo, but I've seen shorter lines at Disneyland. College students
  19. Was just interviewed for a newspaper article about children’s books. I’m in a reflective mood now … gosh, I love being involved in creating books to enlighten and entertain children.
  20. Can you sell board book manuscripts to publishers? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. #writing #writingtips #boardbooks #kidlit #writingcommunity

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