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  1. Left X! It’s horrible !

    I just deactivated my X account. It’s breathtaking over there, I really couldn’t take it. Anymore. So much pain and hatred. Sooooo sad. However, for the News of Oregon and all my newsies I will be sad. I need the Western news sources. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. At 72, this is essentially, for me, TRUTH.
  3. Oh Joy, Another Winter. Yippee. (1930-1933)
  4. The British American misogynistic influencer was detained in late December and is being investigated for alleged human trafficking, rape, and organized crime.
  5. I detest Portland, OR ice storms soooooo. My family is sick of hearing me say it for the last 40 years. I hate them. I do. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. By Wednesday I should be sane. Thanks.
  6. Hmmmm

    I used the bird as a "wire" service, I have realized since being here. I followed some great people, but for the deep stuff, I found it on the passe fb. That seems to be different than most here and I
  7. News. Weather. Local traffic and hysteria. WESTERN interests. we need to get the News sources here.
  8. Think of it: Dad….Jewish Mom….Mormon Me: Lesbian Kids: Black Indeed. My family doesn’t feel safe.
  9. I’m not sure people - even good, well-meaning people - understand how terrifying things are for American Jews right now. Like many, my father barely escaped the nazis from Eastern Europe and many in m
  10. I'd like to report a ho-ho-homicide.
  11. The world is not a prison house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks. - Edwin Arlington Robinson
  12. @propublica being on Post is a big deal. It’s one of the best media outlets for investigative journalism out there. Here’s hoping we see many more such superlative media outl
  13. Any Advent people here yet? Really hoping for seekery Boomers, LGBT… And, Western media, especially Pacific Northwest. Any other Gay adoptive parents with adult children? In my time on Twitter I never rea
  14. I am sooooo excited to be here! I wanted out of Twitter and here I am! Thanks so much!

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