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  1. I thought this "prayer in tongues" was a joke, but the imbedded video proves otherwise. The GOP religious fanatics are extremists, no different than the Taliban. The "Christians" who perjure themselves when swearing to protect and uphold our Constitution. #SeparationOfChuchAndSta
  2. By OLEKSANDR SHUMILIN Over 35 artists, activists and scientists have urged the US Congress to vote for supplying Ukraine with aid. Source: joint statement published by CNN Details: The statement was signed by singer and actress Barbara Streisand, philosopher Francis Fukuyama, actor
  3. Is Cannon incompetent, corrupt or both? I put her somewhere around 80% incompetent and 20% biased/corrupt. She's out of her depth either way.
  4. The look of disdain he has for the American people is deep as if he didn't bring this upon himself.
  5. Don’t leave out the fact that Trump dismantled Obama’s early warning system for pandemics and that Jared grabbed PPE ordered by states, claiming everything belonged to “us,” ie, the Trump administration! Plus he told Trump not to worry, the disease would mostly kill people in crow

    A headline I saw on CNN said: "A controversial Supreme Court decision could hurt Biden in November." And immediately I thought: That's it, then. The majority will decide accordingly to hurt Biden.
  7. She is right ✅ ️ again...!!!
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kennedy's.
  9. Given that our Committee and its resources were thus made party to a fraud on the American people, the people now have a right to know what steps you took—if any—to assess the allegations contained in the FBI tipsheet before releasing these allegations to the world. Critically, t
  10. By Aurora DeStefano U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who pushed the ‘NeverNikki’ campaign during the Republican primaries is now criticizing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, former President Donald Trump , who just endorsed former Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers for Senate. Thank yo
  11. I'm with Jack

    When we consider how MANY witnesses -- known and unknown to us -- have been interviewed by Jack Smith, this is a very real concern and high probability that may have already happened, and one that will continue all through the election.
  12. Nancy Mace, the epitome of a WASP
  13. No doubt Orban is going to cough up some of his riches so trump can post his bond. Money, secrets will exchange hands and plans will be hatched.
  14. You may be familiar with the story so far, but here’s some brief background. Alexander Smirnov was recently indicted for lying to the FBI and falsifying a document in a criminal investigation by David Weiss - the Barr-appointed, now special counsel investigating and prosecuting H
  15. Odysseus landed on the moon and is transmitting data back to Earth, but meanwhile, at C-PAC:

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