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Debbie Ridpath Ohi


Writer & illustrator. Creative tech, Internet culture, kidlit, positivity.

Toronto, Canada

I write and illustrate books for young people. My illustrations appear in books by Judy Blume, Michael Ian Black, others.  I WANT TO READ ALL THE BOOKS (Simon & Schuster, Sept/2024). Find out more about me and my work:  Also find me at:

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  1. Cover reveal: I WANT TO READ *ALL* THE BOOKS

    Not sure how many kidlit people are still here on Post, but I'm allowed to share the cover of my solo picture book and am SO EXCITED that I am going to share. I WANT TO READ ALL THE BOOKS launches from Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers on Sept. 17, 2024. Don't you love my
  2. How I'm using nowadays

    Dropping in on Post to see how things are going. Post continues to be a great social media platform for when I want to browse people's thoughts about U.S. politics (much less toxic than X) as well as Canadian publications like @macleans and @Chatelaine
  3. You May Be Luckier Than You Think

    It can be so hard NOT to compare yourself to others sometimes, esp when browsing social media. To avoid getting sucked into a black hole of envy/resentment, I try VERY hard to focus on enjoying my own journey at my own pace. My advice? Find your own joy. You may be luckier than y
  4. Art For Friendship

    Checking out Post because I heard rumors that there was a major update? Maybe it hasn't happened yet? The only change I've noticed is that I can no longer add comments to my previous Post post? Above: A collaborative art piece I did with my friend Claudia Osmond. Claudia generousl
  5. POLL: What are your favourite UPLIFTING accounts on these days?

    I know there is still uplifting, positive content on this platform ( @joypog & @forthehuman are great starting points). Even though the kidlit community never ended up embracing Post, I still drop by sometimes to check on som
  6. For any kidlit people seeking community on Bluesky

    As many of you know, I tried to get the kidlit community to move to Post a while back. Was starting to succeed, but tech issues turned many of them off and they've gone elsewhere. I've been gradually unfollowing their inactive accounts - over a thousand, sadly. Many of Post's tec
  7. Collageplay and copyright research (when it is & isn't ok to incorporate outside materials)

    As much as I enjoy digital art, especially the flexibility it gives me in the book illustration process, I find it immensely satisfying to sketch and create without digital tools. There’s something wonderfully TERRIFYING (for me, anyway) about the permanence of non-digital art, e
  8. Looking for great writing advice on Post, especially when writing for young people? I recommend following @deborahhalversn .
  9. Canadians blocked from seeing links on Facebook 😢

    Heads-up for those sharing links on Facebook: we Canadians can't see your content. 😢 It's not Post's fault, but you should be aware: And yes, Meta considers to be a news source, even if you're not posting news. I'm not sure about Meta-owned Threads yet - has a
  10. Reminder to self: Never EVER EVER embed my social media profile link in any images until that platform is 100% stable.

    Here's just one example. The attached animated gif is part of my library, and there's no way to replace it. I could delete it, but then anyone who is or has been using it would encounter display issues. Even MANY months later, I keep coming across comics or spot illustra
  11. If you were an early user, make sure you've updated your link elsewhere

    Sigh. I keep finding places in my art (like the attached animated gif), online social media profiles, interview bios etc. where I had enthusiastically promoted my original Post profile link: . Post has since changed the format to, with no
  12. Picture Books 101: Beginner Tips On Writing and Illustrating Picture Books

    I've just posted Part 2 of my Picture Books 101 series over on Substack . This new series focuses on the basics of writing and illustrating picture books for traditional publishing houses. If you missed it, here’s Part 1 , in which I advised you to read, research online, remember th
  13. A quick action to help fight book bans: support Pen America in the federal lawsuit they've filed along with Penguin Random House, a group of authors, and a group of parents from Florida. I signed their petition and was glad to find this list of resources here:
  14. Q. Is there any way to change default feed from News to (anything else) when I open Post?

    I've noticed that recently whenever I go to check/open, it takes me to the NEWS feed right away, instead of my usual Following feed. Inevitably, this usually means I'm forced to read U.S. politics headlines before I can go to my (sadly shrinking) happyplace on Post. I tr
  15. Thanks to @pragmaticmom for including my solo picture book WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? on this list of AAPI Children's Book Authors and Illustrators!
  16. Is anyone using a RSS reader to keep with (HEY, WE CAN EDIT OUR POSTS NOW, YAY!)

    I've been using to make it easier for me to keep up with my favourite bloggers / creatives, who now seem to be scattered across many different platforms. For some reason, I can't follow feeds this way. 😢 I'm able to follow Substack feeds, Google news, Fac
  17. My Life In A Nutshell: My Semi-Autobiographical Webcomic

    I began My Life In A Nutshell two decades ago, mainly for self-therapy. Turning what was a tough time in my life into a webcomic helped me process and move on. I changed names and places (I lived in Philadelphia, not New York, for example). I also let myself experiment freely wit
  18. Tara Trudel @taratrudel's FRACTURED: FAIRY TALES REMIXED launches today!

    HURRAY! My friend @taratrudel 's debut album launches today!! Many of you will already have enjoyed Tara's " Post: The Musical !" FRACTURED: FAIRY TALES REMIXED is a pop-comedy exploration of everything the Brothers Grimm missed, from frustrated fairy godmo
  19. Has anyone successfully added a feed to their RSS reader? (I can't seem to 😢)

    I've started using Inoreader to more easily follow many of my favourite creators in one place. I'm mainly on Substack these days, but also want to follow posts by my online friends who blog, have FB pages,, etc. So far, I've found it easy to add feeds from every one of
  20. Sketches and process behind DEENIE and other Judy Blume revamped covers

    Just like actors needing audition for roles, sometimes illustrators have to audition as well. When Justin Chanda @jpchanda asked if I'd be willing to audition for being Judy Blume's new cover illustrator for Simon & Schuster even though it meant workin

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