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Clinical Psychologist, Washington Psychological Center; Jennifer A Crumlish, PhD LLC; Asst. Dir. CUA Suicide Prevention Lab. CAMS-care consultant. Elder Justice advocate. she/her.

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  1. Looking forward to presenting with my colleagues on this topic for the DC Bar:
  2. Mental health support for men

    In an earlier post, I mentioned this time of year may be challenging - all the hustle and bustle around the end of the year, holidays, family stuff may bring up a range of emotions. If it’s been a tou
  3. Treatment of suicide in teens

    Very happy to share that CAMS-care has released a new training video on using CAMS with adolescents who are suicidal. Includes a lot of great info about collaborating with teens and their parents/guar
  4. Two CAMS consultation calls today; so impressed with the heartfelt effort and dedication clinicians have in exploring the experience of suicide with the people they are collaborating with. These clini
  5. As the Thanksgiving holiday wraps up, we’re about to enter that time frame that is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” However, I often remind myself and others that all the lights a

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