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  1. Where's #DeSanctimonius Trying to screw up the other 49 states
  2. Trump's unused mansion falls under investigation for possible tax fraud
  3. #police #Missing Latino man and a Black man went missing three months apart in #Florida . Both vanished after getting in a patrol car driven by the same White deputy sheriff
  4. #EditorialCartoon by Dave Granlund on . Link to original cartoon, as found online:
  5. pay attention YOUNG people #gop hates you
  6. #GOPGunNuts
  7. court doesnt want to piss Pharma companies off. #gop wont get donations
  8. #Incest #pedophile
  9. #RalphYarl #GoodSamaritan
  10. WHOOPS: Congressman @ritchietorres (D-NY) has caught Jim Jordan in a major lie and has called him out. The House Judiciary is hard at work trying to INTIMIDATE Alvin Bragg over his investigation of Donald Trump. In a tweet, the Committee posted a video of N
  11. #Republcians should be held accountable 💲💲💲
  12. #stopvotinggop #womenrule #WeWillRemember
  13. John Fugelsang Puts Republican Senator Marco Rubio In His Place. #republicanparty #POLIITICS
  14. #PayAttention

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