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  1. In other words, if you post on Twitter, you’re working for Musk gratis. And if you subscribe, you’re paying Musk for someone else’s work.
  2. Lightsaber standoff in the car park #StarWars
  3. #DavidBowie unadorned on this gorgeous and affecting demo of one of Ziggy Stardust’s highlights.
  4. A disheartening proportion of the posts I see here comprise Twitter- and Musk-bashing. Leave it. Let Post be its own thing, not the Anti-Twitter.
  5. A little ass-covering by The Guardian in this story: “There is no suggestion that Truss or Johnson themselves used the drug or that they would have been aware if drugs were used or present.”
  6. Can someone account for the #TomWaits Gremlin? Is #JoeDante a fan?
  7. I don’t want to keep boring my new lady with bitching about my ex, but dear god, I’m glad I got out of that abusive relationship.
  8. Maybe the coffee and cake is good, maybe your friends often drop in, but when your favourite café has been bought out by a right-wing troll and colonised by neo-Nazis, it’s time to move on. I’m done w

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