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David Weitzner is an assistant professor of management at York University, the author of Connected Capitalism and the Managing With Meaning blog for Psychology Today

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  1. Big Tech’s efforts to hide the story of who is exploited in building the future reminded me of the Jewish Rip Van Winkle. We only get one shot at working with dreamers… it’s worth getting it right.
  2. Gen Z are unwilling to play a game where they don’t trust the rules or referees. But we need future leaders to be open to the reality that meaningful change will be incremental.
  3. My dear mentor Reb Zalman taught there are rare & precious times when we can peek through the natural order of things to glimpse the “miraculous” order. Meditating on the #Hanukkah candles, which are n
  4. The Jew Haters Have Arrived on Post

    Well, it took 11 days before the “explore” feed here presented me with antisemitic content. I’m not going to repost because I don’t want to boost it, but there is someone devoted to posting about “Jew
  5. We're at a strange moment where conservative corporate consultancies & liberal activists have aligned on a message that we should doubt our innate capacities for moral problem solving and doing good.
  6. Make space for awe

    There is a long and well-established precedent in business thinking for other human-centric constructs, like meaning and connection. But the goal of facilitating awe has been less than an afterthought
  7. Skip the Ethics Checklists

    The third-party frameworks and metrics that have sprung up around #ESG and #DEI are reminiscent of Enron’s once venerated code of conduct. Companies that focus too intently on them can get so caught u
  8. When it comes to ethics, simpler is better

    My first Post and first piece for MIT SMR… Ethical companies don’t outsource their thinking, rely on checklists, or make big promises for the future that aren’t backed up with action today. They expla

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