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IT professional and writer

Jacksonville, FL

Among other things, I write about college football for Gator Country. US Navy husband.

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  1. Mississippi State has officially announced the passing of head coach Mike Leach.
  2. Maybe SBF shouldn’t have done that interview blitz where he confessed to doing a bunch of illegal-sounding things after all. It’s hard to get prosecuted for financial crimes, mainly because it’s not il
  3. The Biggest Forgotten Holiday Movie

    The most influential holiday movie that's largely been forgotten is the 1942 musical Holiday Inn . The biggest names in it who are still widely known today are Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and Irving
  4. “If money were the true measure of wealth, every rich person would be happy. But we know this is not true. Money can't buy a loving family, good health, integrity, ethics, humility, kindness, respect,
  5. One of the best life lessons I learned from Super Smash Bros.: nothing is more important than learning how to recover and persist. You only have a shot if you’re in the game.
  6. Florida kids don’t get Frosty

    As a kid growing up in Florida, there were a couple things I didn’t understand about the song “Frosty the Snowman”. For one, I thought the second verse was about the end of winter. I thought in places
  7. Florida lost its last two games because a bunch of problems that Billy Napier seemed to have fixed all came rushing back against Vandy and FSU.
  8. Your penultimate College Football Playoff Rankings begin: 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. USC 5. Ohio State 6. Alabama It’s too simple to say that the Buckeyes are in if Utah beats the Trojans for the Pac-1
  9. A word of advice to Posters on Post

    tl;dr : use this service as you would any other social network and don't focus on Post itself or how it compares to Twitter. ______________ The first major push to build a Twitter alternative that I'm aw
  10. There are conflicting reports out there about Georgia Tech and Tulane’s Willie Fritz. Maybe he just interviewed, or maybe a deal is in place. It almost in place. He’d be a fascinating choice. Geoff Col
  11. Well, there’s our answer on Fickell’s interest in Wisconsin. I really thought it’d take a bigger job to get him out of there. Maybe losing in the Playoff last year made it clear to him just how imposs
  12. ESPN reports that Wisconsin wants Luke Fickell and wants to hire him inside of 48 hours. Notably, this report doesn’t mention anything about the reaction from Fickell’s side. It is not really news that
  13. tl;dr: he's always been like this, and the company has succeeded despite him as much or more than because of him.
  14. CNN did a roundup of not just what the Thanksgiving dinner inflation rate is for various dishes, but also why those prices went up compared to last year. One takeaway from the report: the Fed hiking in
  15. Once Leipold was no longer 5-0 (i.e., undefeated), his chances at other jobs sunk. “The guy who’s 6-5 at Kansas” is a much harder sell even when you account for QB injuries and the, well, Kansas footb
  16. From Joe Weisenthal’s daily Bloomberg newsletter this morning: “But the big elephant in the room is that crypto is a closed loop. Its only source of "revenue" is speculation on coins. To the extent the
  17. Why Amazon's Alexa was always going to be a "failure"

    Amazon's Alexa is a "colossal failure" according to a paywalled Business Insider report: that was aggregated by Ars Technica: From a technical standpoint, Alexa has been a success. As far as I'm aware,

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