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New York Times bestselling author of 38 novels of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. Writer, Star Trek: DS9; consultant, Star Trek: Prodigy. Likes bunnies. He/him.

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  1. Star Trek: Prodigy, S1, eps 11–20 arrives on disc!

    The day has arrived at last — Star Trek: Prodigy , Season 1, episodes 11–20 is out today on DVD and Blu-ray disc. I got my copy on blu-ray — get yours today, before supplies run out! #StarTrek #Prodigy
  2. My Weirdest Novel? Really?

    An odd article on GameRant: “8 Weird Star Trek Novels That Are Enjoyable to Read” It includes my Section 31 novel DISAVOWED for being a Trek novel as spy-thriller. But is that really my =weirdest= book? I mean, c’mon — Section 31: CONTROL had a whole chapter written in computer code
  3. Sneak peek at my new DS9 short story

    A fan on Facebook posted this image of the two-page opening spread of “Lost and Founder,” my new original DS9 short story in issue No. 8 of STAR TREK EXPLORER magazine. The art is by Pete Wallbank, and I have to say — it looks MARVELOUS. Buy a copy or subscribe now »
  4. New short story in Star Trek Explorer #8

    = on newsstands now = STAR TREK EXPLORER #8 This issue features my new original DS9 short story, “Lost and Founder,” which “finds Odo in a reflective mood.” • buy a copy of Star Trek Explorer or subscribe on the Titan Comics website. (Art by Pete Wallbank for Star Trek Explorer Magaz
  5. SALON: “Trump plans to become a dictator — denial will not save you” —
  6. Walkin’ the Line on ____ ____ Day

    I and fellow Star Trek novelists Keith DeCandido ‬⁩ and ⁦‪ Michael Jan Friedman walked the line today at the NYC WGA picket at Paramount HQ. One of my sign slogans was used as a chant by the strike captain: “FAIR DEAL / MAKE IT SO!” #WGAStrong #SAGAFTRAStrong #PayTheWriters
  7. New Star Trek short stories coming up soon!

    I and my pal Keith R.A. DeCandido both have new original short stories in the next two issues of STAR TREK EXPLORER magazine. How cool is that? In STAR TREK EXPLORER #8 , on newsstands Tuesday 12 September 2023, look for Keith's Star Trek: Voyager tale “The Kellidian Kidnapping” an
  8. My new original short story in Star Trek Explorer #8

    Ahoy, Treklit fans! On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Titan will publish STAR TREK EXPLORER #8 . It contains my new original Star Trek: Deep Space Nine short story, “Lost and Founder,” which finds Odo “in a reflective mood.” Stay tuned for news about STE #9 ....
  9. United We Trek – Friday, Sept. 8th

    On Star Trek Day (Friday, September 8th) I plan to walk the picket line here in NYC, to do my part to demand fair contracts for my fellow WGA members as well as our friends in SAG-AFTRA!
  10. Star Trek: Picard – Firewall | Spotify Playlist

    Hear the music that inspired my upcoming novel Star Trek: Picard – Firewall , a tale of Seven of Nine and the Fenris Rangers, in my public Spotify playlist “Firewall | Musical Inspirations.” (A track-by-track guide to the playlist explaining their links to the novel will be publish
  11. Nearing the end of Star Trek: Picard – Firewall

    Three more scenes, 2400 words, done and in the manuscript for Star Trek: Picard – Firewall . Just two scenes left to write in this novel. I don't have much left in the tank tonight, so I'm going to go rest and come back to this tomorrow.
  12. This story needs to go super viral so everyone can participate in the social and legal annihilation of every cop, judge, and politician involved.
  13. Kaniehtiio Horn deserves an Emmy for Deer Lady

    Article about the latest amazing episode of Reservation Dogs , which in a fair and just world would put Kaniehtiio Horn on the short list for an Emmy for her rich, layered, and deeply affecting portrayal of Deer Lady.
  14. Sticks are unbelievable

    Finishing another rewatch of SHORESY season one. Made sure to time the opening of my Nestlé ice cream cone so I’d be enjoying it as episode 5 ended with the team eating theirs. Can hardly wait for season two.
  15. Cover reveal, Star Trek: Picard – FIREWALL

    Rejected by Starfleet Denied by the Federation SEVEN IS A WOMAN WITH NO HOME Two years after Voyager returns from the Delta Quadrant, ex-Borg Seven of Nine embarks on a long-overdue journey of self-discovery — one that leads her to join the Fenris Rangers … but this choice might her
  16. It didn’t take long for the anti-Muslim trolls to come out of the woodwork. Fortunately our Constitution permits no religious test. President George Washington wrote in March, 1784 regarding the Mount Vernon workforce, "If they are good workmen, they may be of Asia, Africa, or Eur
  17. A good night's work in the word mines...

    Another solid night of writing. I feel my pace accelerating as I near the end. Finished two scenes tonight in the manuscript for Star Trek: Picard – FIREWALL , for a gain of 3,113 words. Not too shabby. Just 16 scenes left to write. The finish line is in sight, my friends....
  18. The moments that make it all worthwhile

    Sometimes when I’m writing, I know in advance there’s a scene I’ll enjoy sinking my teeth into—one of those moments when I’ll push my main character to the very edge. One of those is next up to be written, tomorrow night, when I resume work on the manuscript for STAR TREK: PICARD
  19. Watch a LIVE Letterkenny spec script table read

    Tonight ( Tuesday, July 25, 2023 ) around 9:30PM Eastern Time, my third (and, I think, last) Letterkenny spec script, “Over and Out,” will be given the honor of a LIVE “table read” by my good buddies from the How Are Ya Now podcast and The Produce Stand podcast (and friends). If you
  20. Boldly Build Bigger Than Ever Before

    British dude is building a massive (1:25 scale) model of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series . Awesome. (WaPo Gifted Article — no paywall)

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