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Dad/cook. Editor/writer: Edible Houston, Houston Food Finder. Words: Houston Chronicle, Sugar & Rice, Cite. Poetry chapbook: The City. Foodways TX Advisory Board.

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  1. Learn how Chef Chris Williams of Lucille’s, Jeremy Peaches, and the rest of the Lucille’s 1913 team is developing an integrated approach to connecting under-resourced communities to farm-fresh food and sustainable employment.
  2. So Mr. “Free Speech” wants to shut down speech that is critical of Twit…I mean X.
  3. I love this amazing book. In No Document, Arwen Crawford weaves mediations on the loss of her close friend and collaborator, German expressionists art, WWI, the Iraqi War, Australia’s mistreatment of migrants, settler colonialism, the ephemeral nature of art, and much more into a
  4. Fireworks & lightning (wait for it).
  5. Total student loan debt that would have been erased for millions of Americans: $400 billion Total cost of the Trump tax cuts that largely benefited the wealthy and corporations: $1.9 trillion This is what I mean when I say the system is rigged.
  6. A Newly-Discovered Fresco in Pompeii Reveals a Precursor to Pizza
  7. Elon making Twitter more useless by the day.
  8. From the Spring issue of Edible Houston, the amazing story of Amanecer Coffee Co. exploration of coffee and Mexican culture and cuisine. #Houston #coffee
  9. Sig Byrd’s descriptions of Houston in the 1950s, still hit home today. #Houston
  10. Small-town Missouri fish fry. Yes, spaghetti was offered as a side. So I had to get it. Desserts: mystery fruit crisp and buttermilk pie.
  11. Fellow Gen-Xers, get your 80s on. Cleaning out my mom’s house and found my Atari (with original box). Spent way too many hours playing this. Spent one Saturday morning in junior high playing just one game of Asteroids getting well over a million points before having to quit to go
  12. This is a protection scam. Pay $179.88 a year (for IOS version) and let us data mine your government ID and we will keep you safe from the flaws in our system.
  13. Unravelling Words & Weaving of Water by Chilean poet and artist Cecilia Vicuña is a beautiful book that weaves lyrical wordplay with philosophy, etymology, and sacredness into “a form of poetry created by the sound of feet walking in the grass.” It’s a poetry that revels in “word
  14. A good week for visual poetry: Surface Tension by Derek Beaulieu and Simultaneities and Lyric Chemisms by Ardengo Soffici. #poetry
  15. Ars Poetica, by El Salvadoran poet Claribel Algeria (trans. By D.J. Flakoll) from the book Fugues. #poetry
  16. A good book-mail day: 1) Houston-based poet Anthony Sutton new book of poetry from Veliz Books. 2) The Full Pomegranate by Avrom Sutzkever, a Yiddish-language poet who was born in Russia, lived as a c
  17. First book of 2023: James Welch’s starkly beautiful Winter in the Blood chronicles the life of a Native American man living in the 1960s in Montana on the Fort Belknap Reservation (where Welch, who li
  18. Happy New Year! My Houston-inspired version of black-eyed peas: Texas-grown black-eyed peas; @plantitforward chard and collards (leaf and stem); @threesisterfarms bacon; andouille; @wood_duck_farm oni

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