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Florida Panthers insider for WPLG Local 10.

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  1. Does Paul Maurice want the Panthers to practice harder and more frequently? Also, latest on Bob being 'the guy' in goal, Sasha Barkov's status for Thursday and exactly who will decide when Anthony Duclair is ready. It's all in my Panthers Notebook:
  2. Happy All-Star Week to all who celebrate
  3. Let’s go kick 2023’s ass the way 2020-2022 have kicked ours
  4. Having fun with my kid’s Christmas gifts
  5. Been enjoying a West Wing binge in the post-Christmas hangover phase. It’s lovely.
  6. All I want for Christmas is another Tarantino movie
  7. Trying to be more active on here. Who are some of the good follows?
  8. Finally getting caught up on Yellowstone. So good.
  9. Here for when Twitter falls apart.

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