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Writer and filmmaker from Oregon focusing on science, research, conservation and marine issues. Latest book THE LOST CONTINENT. Most recent film SAVING ATLANTIS. Plus surfing, hiking and reading. All content and photos my own, unless otherwise credited.

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  1. If you haven't seen this photo essay by Louise Johns, on an unprecedented release of wild buffalo, it's powerful stuff:
  2. His books were mostly grim, dark and haunting, but his prose so lovely that I know at least two people who named children after him.
  3. Hard to believe it's been 5 years since we lost A. #Bourdain . Still hear his voice narrating a world going off the rails...and the big-hearted glimpses of humanity between.
  4. Happy Mom's Day! Here's documentary evidence of some of the best...
  5. My philosopher-dog demonstrates her patented technique for being present and enjoying a Saturday
  6. Had a great time chatting with Art and Tim on the Tiffin Inn Writing Workshop Podcast. Great resource for writers and storytellers:
  7. Excited to dig into Michael “Nick” Nichols’ biography. His conviction that photography and storytelling can save the planet is infectious and inspiring, and I’m inclined to agree.
  8. Reposting this just because it should be, often and at random:
  9. Last sunset of the new film. Launch date set for 4.17.2024.
  10. It's #EarthDay2023 and a good time to think about what you can do, incremental or massive or both, to make a difference for the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems facing threats from anthropogenic pressures. You have power. Use it.
  11. Author Event

    I'll be reading from my latest book, THE LOST CONTINENT: CORAL REEF CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTION at Paulina Springs Books in Sisters, Oregon, Thur. March 16 at 6:30. Stop by for a trip to the tropics in the snowshoe season.
  12. Kind words about my new coral book .
  13. Working on a new film project in Yellowstone. So much about where we’re headed as a species is wrapped up in how we equitably take care of this place.
  14. Sad news. He left us with some amazing stories:
  15. The wrack of storm-tossed logs from this weeks bomb cyclone transformed South Beach in Newport. It’s unrecognizable. Nature throws a fit when she gets angry.
  16. Gorgeous New Years Day for surfing on the Oregon coast and some nice sets rolling in at Yaquina Head. 2023 is going to be alright.
  17. Loving Lamprey

    Pacific Lamprey are ungainly creatures, and maybe even frightening at first glance. It takes a while to discover their beauty. Many people encounter them like this…stuck to the glass at a fish ladder o
  18. This is concerning
  19. Darryl Lai on our team directed this great short film about creativity on Oregon's South Coast. Take a break from the stream of fear and anger to revel in a stunning landscape where folks are taking ma
  20. Understanding Hypoxia

    Here's the latest from our production team, digging into the science behind an important and unpredictable consequences of a changing ocean...

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