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David Mayo


Former journalist. Current Antifa army general. #fbr

Retired award-losing sportswriter at MLive Media Group. Local journalism supporter. Bats: Right. Throws: Right. Votes: Left.

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  1. Cool, this break means Democrats can go throw back a few more drinks and Kat Cammack can find a salad bar.
  2. I must confess, I don't grasp the concept of "tips" on Post, and if I stiffed you after good service, regrets.
  3. How well-timed was Nancy Pelosi's leadership exit? McCarthy wins if she's the nom. Instead, she exposed this chaos via sheer political art.
  4. I must admit, although I don't want a non-functioning government, I'm enjoying every moment of today's nonsense.
  5. Politics is timing, and if there are any Blue Dog Democrats still barking around the halls of Congress, it's time to tear some pants legs.
  6. This isn't about McCarthy anymore. It's about bipartisan centrists trying to entice the other side to flip and form a moderate coalition.
  7. I covered every Floyd Mayweather championship fight from ringside. He never curb-stomped anyone like this beatdown on Kevin McCarthy.
  8. These same 19 fools would vote for Elon Musk or Kyle Rittenhouse before they voted for McCarthy. They don't want you, boy.
  9. Jordan nominating McCarthy, then having the anti-McCarthy vote coalesce behind himself, is like an inside joke only one person didn't get.
  10. This seems nonsensical given post-1957 history, but the one NFC team nobody wants to see early in the NFL playoffs is ... gulp ... Detroit.
  11. I see something like the Biden-Zelenskyy presser, and it makes me think folks who consider Biden too old to run again might be prematurely loopy themselves.
  12. I guy I covered two decades ago as a walk-on college basketball player just paid $4 billion for the Phoenix Suns. Life takes us all in different directions.
  13. I once made $32.3 million more in a year than Donald Trump the confidence man, so invest in me with confidence, man.
  14. There's a large part of Arkansas that never fully got over the 1930s. Marvell is in the heart of that region.
  15. I've been trying to find the word for someone who claims on his income taxes to have made seven-figure cash donations to charities, with no underlying documentation, and I think I've finally hit upon
  16. Gimme a follow. I might write something interesting. Or at least snarky. I want to follow you because you might, too. Repost, comment, follow, and I'll follow back, promise! #fbr
  17. Having money to burn doesn't mean it's wise.
  18. I already see I'll gravitate here and away from the Twitter swamp. Way to burn up $44B, genius.
  19. Having an FBR party for my Post debut!

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