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  1. Marymount basketball "Injured Reserve"

    Marymount University basketball should have an inactive list or injured reserve. This is basically when basketball players are out due to injuries which makes them incapable of playing for an indefinite period of time. This should surely be incorporated in Marymount athletics to
  2. Marymount Rehab Center

    Marymount basketball players will have a rehabilitation center that will help injured players get back to playing basketball again. This rehabilitation center will be state of the art that will insure both physical and mental health issues are rectified and treated well.
  3. Marymount Wellness Meeting Room

    Marymount basketball players should have a meeting room about their overall wellbeing in terms of mental and physical health. Each individual athlete should disclose what they are going through and how great their mental and physical health is. Whether they are injuries or anxiet
  4. Marymount Wellness Center

    Marymount basketball players should have state of the art facilities that will help combat both physical and mental health issues. College athletes physical and mental health should be taken seriously because this is a prerequisite fore success in any sport athletes play in.
  5. Save Our Basketball Players

    Let us save our Marymount basketball players mental and physical health on and off the court. Marymount basketball players health should take their health seriously so that they can perform at their highest peak.

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