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Writer of the NextDraft newsletter, Author of "Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year that Wouldn't End."

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  1. Doctors Without Borders

    By Dave Pell "This is how Dr. Yuval Bitton remembers the morning of Oct. 7. Being jolted awake just after sunrise by the insistent ringing of his phone. The frantic voice of his daughter, who was traveling abroad, asking, 'Dad, what’s happened in Israel? Turn on the TV.' ... Even
  2. One Bite at the Apple

    By Dave Pell "Jay-Z is pushing to get it. Nas wants a piece. The owner of the Mets is spending a fortune to win. A subsidiary of the Yankees is trying, too. Manhattan’s biggest commercial landlord is all-in. The Hudson Yards crew wants it, and so does the man behind Coney Island.
  3. Lettering in Numbers

    By Dave Pell The former era of unpaid (at least officially) college athletes essentially ended when the NCAA allowed student-athletes to make money through promotional endeavors using NIL (name image likeness). Suddenly, college ( and even younger ) athletes could make money through
  4. The Ticket Master

    By Dave Pell If you wanted to score concert tickets when I was a kid, you lined up outside your local record store first thing Sunday morning and hoped the teenager working the Bass Ticket terminal was a fast typer. Things seemed more fair back then. Bass stood for Bay Area Seatin
  5. Things That Go Bump In the Flight

    By Dave Pell You might want to buckle up for this one. We're used to hearing air travel woes related to flight delays, lost luggage, poor customer service, and that kid who won't stop kicking your seat. We're not used to feedback like this : "I saw people from across the aisle just
  6. That's What Her Said

    By Dave Pell When OpenAI launched its voice-powered version of ChatGPT, CEO Sam Altman really wanted one of the voices to be that of Scarlett Johansson, who voiced the computer companion in his favorite movie, Her . So OpenAI negotiated with Johansson. She said no to a deal. OpenAI
  7. Lobster in the Red

    By Dave Pell Look, there's no way to sugarcoat this. There's no way to bread and deep-fry it either. You ate too much shrimp. Like, a lot too much. In a much-anticipated move, Red Lobster has filed for bankruptcy . And yes, you played a (lobster) role in its troubles. Last summer,
  8. Danger Things

    By Dave Pell "Imagine a world exactly like our own, but distorted by time and space. You can still access familiar places, but they're askew, empty; they lack the principle of formality, and appear as mere simulations ... another dimension that is presented to us as a membrane-dri
  9. Is Voice Over?

    By Dave Pell It's not a particularly good time to be a voice actor. Paul Skye Lehrman and Linnea Sage, a husband and wife who both make a living from their voice work, were thinking just that last summer as they listened to a podcast about the rise of AI and the damage it could do
  10. Integrate Expectations

    By Dave Pell It's been seventy years since (a very different) Supreme Court ruled separating children in schools by race was unconstitutional. Seven decades should be enough time to undo our segregated education past. But it hasn't happened. In fact, for some of those decades, "Am
  11. It's the Enablers, Stupid

    By Dave Pell The big crowds of MAGA fans Trump has summoned to downtown NYC to protest his trial haven't shown up. But he has been able to draw a collection VP wanabees and high ranking GOP officials to the courthouse steps. On Tuesday, that list included Speaker Mike Johnson who
  12. For Those About to Guac

    By Dave Pell There have been few classes of drugs that have thoroughly swept through America like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. According to a recent survey, 1 in 8 US Adults Has Taken Ozempic or Other GLP-1 Drug . But there are some countries where these drugs are not in high dem
  13. Help

    By Dave Pell It's 2024 and divisions are everywhere from campuses to the Capitol, so it seems like a good time to be reminded of our common humanity and that people are willing to help each other out. Which brings us to "an overcast morning in April, Bianca Giaever was anxiously l
  14. Going Off Their Meds

    By Dave Pell "It was the news that every expectant mother dreads. Twelve weeks pregnant with her second child, Jennifer Adkins learned her developing fetus had Turner syndrome, a rare chromosomal abnormality, and was unlikely to survive. On top of that, doctors warned that her own
  15. Could Hell Freeze Over?

    By Dave Pell We're not used to getting good news on the climate. Let's face it, we're not used to getting good news on anything these days. So let's take a detour from news that's stuck where the sun don't shine to some energy news related to where the sun does shine (and the wind
  16. Get Your Mind Into the Sewer

    By Dave Pell "If you live in London, Dr Leon Barron knows what you’re up to. He knows what prescribed drugs you’re on – painkillers, antidepressants, antipsychotics or beta blockers – and what illicit ones you’re taking for fun. He knows if you’ve been drinking and when (“Friday a
  17. You Had Me At Jell-O

    By Dave Pell "Now, there’s no question China has been trying to crack down on the internet ... Good luck! ... That’s sort of like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall." That joke delivered a couple decades ago by Bill Clinton hasn't aged well. Countries like China and Russia have don
  18. If Memory Serves

    By Dave Pell Every now and then, my mother will respond to an edition of this newsletter with something like, "The article on the history of this region was quite good, you might want to go back and actually read the whole thing." Aside from the suggestion that I would ever shirk
  19. That's Not How They Roll

    By Dave Pell Did you know that Atlanta is known for a distinct type of roller skating and that the style is currently under threat of being diluted by skaters from around the country who roll into town on a regular basis? Me neither. NYT (Gift Article with some pretty rad photos):
  20. Left To Our Own Devices

    By Dave Pell My first day teaching in the 90s at one of the roughest high schools in Brooklyn was spent as a sub for a Physics teacher who was absent because he had been stabbed in the hand trying to take away a student's Walkman. So the question of devices in schools is not new t

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