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  1. Subway (in which the picture doesn't match the passage)

    Along with every job and new opportunity comes new challenges. There are new team members to meet, there are new stories to learn, new perspectives to add to your already considerable life experiences and along with each one of these moments and experiences, there’s also the oppo
  2. Seaweed (and building community)

    Today, we’re trying something a little bit different. With the latest updates regarding and their path forward seemingly causing a rather severe jolt to the micro-blogging system, I’ve been trying to figure out where to pivot to full-time. I love Medium as this is a pla
  3. Ideas for Next Steps?

    So, with the news that is slowly shutting down, I’m wanting to ensure that those of you who have joined me on this journey are able to still participate in this little community that we’ve built. I’ve syndicated Post.News to since November last year (and Sub
  4. Shadows

    Shadows are meant to be played with. They're designed to throw your angles off and force your feet to move around. They cover and expose the light in ways you'd never countenance, and when pushed, they hide texture and touch just as quickly. Shadows are sprites and playful demo
  5. Tulips

    Waking up in a space divergent from your own can be a wholly discombobulating experience. You wonder where your phone is, where the light switch is, why the sun is hitting your face at a certain angle, and generally why things are different. When the torpidity of sleep wears off
  6. Small Celebrations

    Another day, another airport. This scene will become more and more familiar to me as I journey up to Nova Scotia in the coming years until it becomes unnecessary. As it stands, today, it was necessary as it is Emma's and my anniversary! So, while I would love to wax poetic about
  7. In Memoriam

    I'm sure many of us will never have our names hung over a bridge or plastered to the side of a hospital or university, much less merit a mention in a newspaper for being just who we are. The notoriety of throwing large amounts of cash into the widening maw of society is more lik
  8. Guitars and Gut-punches

    I'm a musician, albeit not an incredibly good one. I've played the guitar for nearly three decades now, trumpet for a few years in there as well, and generally, anything I can get my hands on. It's been a fall-back hobby, something I run to when I need just to soothe the angry
  9. Airshow

    I'm a big fan of planes and have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember. Being blessed with colour blindness (or poor differentiation) meant that those dreams would be dashed at the onset, but I've had the occasion to occupy a co-pilot's seat every now and again. It
  10. I dislike very few things on this planet more than traffic. The constant jarring movements forward, inevitable brake lights, hotheaded drivers, and general disruption to the serenity and calm of a highway unfettered by traffic frustrate me. However, it oozes with potential as a
  11. Cheshire Cat (Eclipse, part deux)

    Yesterday, I provided a shot within the early seconds of the totality, when the world in the moon's shadow stood still, waiting with bated breath for the seconds to tick by. All was still and silent, the whispers roaring in the absence of any noise whatsoever. As the moon kept to
  12. Eclipse, Part 1

    That's it. That's the money shot, the one image displayed repeatedly with various foreground and background details. This image is the 3.5 minutes of cosmic glory you've been told is the coming of the end times; the devil made incarnate, the...oh, it's the stuff and schlock of
  13. Opportunity

    My Saturday was filled with another journey, a new change of perspective on the path to that "fulfilment" we all talk about but rarely truly actualize. It's the pursuit of happiness, of that sacred medium that fills your cup to overflowing, that we're after. Sometimes, it's fou
  14. Resignation

    Cemeteries are like resignation letters. They call out, headstones begging to be read as if someone were leaving a place of employment and on to the next adventure. They're an index of cards, letters written to remind future generations of who once was there and where we will i
  15. Interlude

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can't quite get the words onto the page. It takes pacing around, conversations on the phone about this or that, emails, reading junk books, and traversing the digital miles of the interwebs before you're able to settle your mind and commi
  16. Vault

    You'd be forgiven if you thought the object you see above was some sort of newfangled computer product. While this is certainly not an advertisement for a brand or product, there is a method to my madness in including it here as an illustration. I also have to mention that the de
  17. Greasy Spoons

    It's not every day that I head to a diner for breakfast. Most days, breakfast is an afterthought, and I spend more time eyeballing my coffee than eggs, bacon, or the occasional sausage McMuffin from the Golden Arches. However, sometimes you must let go, undo the belt a notch or
  18. A Haystack in the Backyard

    You'd never know it, but hidden in the woods of Groton, Massachusetts, lies one of the more critical radio telescopes in the world, MIT's Haystack Observatory. It was here that not too long ago, the processing was done by an incredible team, including the awesome Dr Katie Bouman
  19. A Donkey and Daffodil

    Wrapping up a whirlwind month, I present a donkey and a daffodil. Elenia looked rather serene yesterday evening, working her way up a hill of dirt. In juxtaposition to the beautiful yellow harbinger of Spring, it was an idyll too good to miss. Everyone is in good stead for the mo
  20. Perspective

    As a photographer, one of the choices you have to make is whether or not to capture everything that your lens can see. For most, framing a shot is inherently the art we've come to know as photography. For others, anything done in post-processing assuages what deficits we couldn

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