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  1. #4MoreIn2024 #VoteBlue
  2. #GunControlNow #NoOpenCarry
  3. Too many people in life aspire to be the biggest pile of human scum imaginable, and too many of us are compeltely fine with that.
  4. Brad Parscale is not, and never will be a 'digital guru', despite the AP's lies. Brad Parscale is and always will be a lowlife criminal. End of line.
  5. ICYMI: It's not OUR job, nor SOCIAL MEDIA's responsibility to parent your fucking kids. That's YOUR job. If you don't want them seeing naked boobies, don't let them on social media, or use parental controls, better yet... don't have kids, you're too stupid. End of line.
  6. When first reading about the rapture I never envisoned it would have several departure dates, like a metro transit system. #TheMoreYouKnow
  7. OJ Simpson was a sack of shit. Good riddance to bad rubbish. #OJSimpson #GoodRiddance
  8. Bluewave by #VOTEBLUE #EndFascism #BlueWave
  9. Never let the fascists win. #MondayMotivation #EndFascism
  10. The Constitution has been in effect since 1789 and Republicans have yet to read it. #AmericaInPeril #RepublicansAreTheEnemy #EndFascism

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