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  1. This week the Vermont legislature took BIG action for young children and their families. What exactly did they do? I’ve unpacked it here: #education #EarlyChildhoodEducation
  2. Somewhere your kindergarten teacher still remembers and cares about you. You may not recall every moment clearly, but she/he dedicated a whole year of their life to your growth and well-being. Trust m
  3. A lovely illustration of why “school readiness” must have as much to do with schools being ready for children as with children being ready for school. #education
  4. Could COVID’s most significant “learning loss” be access to early childhood education itself?

    Today on EdSurge, The Hunt Institute’s President & CEO Javaid Siddiqi and I make the case for why bipartisan solutions are needed to prevent the sector’s imminent collapse.
  5. The Case Against Preschool Suspension and Expulsion

    Helping young children to manage their behaviors and emotions is arguably preschool’s most important curriculum. Suspending or expelling children for not yet having mastered the same skills they’re en
  6. You always have time to show kindness to a child: six year old Madeline wrote to Los Angeles animal control seeking permission to keep a unicorn as a pet if she could find one. They responded, grantin
  7. A new analysis cites the US as the only country in the developed world that does not guarantee any paid maternity leave.
  8. “Go into early childhood education and you’ll need help paying your electric bill” is not a ringing endorsement of the field. And we wonder why classrooms are sitting vacant.
  9. Hi! I’m Dan.

    Welcome to Post! My name is Dan Wuori and I am the Senior Director of Early Learning at The Hunt Institute - a nonpartisan education policy resource to America’s governors and state lawmakers founded
  10. For many second graders, the current school year is the first they’ve ever spent fully/uninterrupted in classrooms. Let that sink in.
  11. Our Two Tiered Approach to Kindergarten is Inequitable.

    I’ve been asked several times recently about the appropriateness of full-day (vs. half-day) preschool/kindergarten programs - including for this article in US News and World Report. I always point out
  12. Child Care Access Challenges are Impacting Workforce Participation. And the Problem is About to Get Worse.

    As the number of available jobs continues to grow, the number of Americans actually looking for work dropped by 186,000 in November - a third straight month of declines. Some are retiring. Some are si

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