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Dan Stark, Portland Oregon

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  1. Autumn Sprout #photography #PostPhotography
  2. Fell #photography #PostPhoto #sonyA7IV
  3. LOVE this visual
  4. Uncalculated Pattern #photography #sonyA7IV #Oregon #Sigma150-600
  5. I never did see the answer on Twitter so I’ll ask here - why am I supposed to be Pro-fascist?
  6. Autumns Up #photography #PostPhotography #SonyA7IV
  7. I like to post photos. On #Post it seems that the default size of an iPhone photo is too big to upload to Post? #PostPhotography #Photography
  8. Any other folks from #GISChat or #MapsintheWild here yet?
  9. A throwback to the total lunar eclipse of November 8, and a sequence I captured from Melbourne, Florida showing the Beaver Blood Moon as it passed through the Earth's shadow. The first image was captur
  10. Fall’s Flight
  11. Autumn at the Refuge
  12. Columbia River Sunrise, Mt Hood Silhouette
  13. Fall’s Flowers
  14. Widow Maker, Tryon Creek State Natural Area (Portland Oregon)
  15. I post pictures. Sometimes a little video too.
  16. Where do I search for a username?
  17. Hi POST! I'm loving the interface. This could get good!

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