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  1. this model can be emulated in all fifty states to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer!
  2. this model can be emulated in all fifty states to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer!
  3. When H3N2 viruses are dominant in a #flu season, expectations lower about how well flu shots are going to work. This year the shot exceeded expectations. But with flu vaccine, it's all relative. #ACIP
  4. Some of the killed Palestinians were unarmed…
  5. What is it about bats and viruses? I find the question fascinating and so do many researchers that have worked on it for decades. Now a new tool may help them do their work: induced pluripotent stem cells from bats!
  6. In Kutupalong, the world's largest refugee camp, gender-based violence against women and girls has been rampant since the population exploded five years ago, with over 650,000 refugees crammed into a 13-square-kilometre area. Male-on-female violence is common, and neighbours are
  7. This man is a true Christian.
  8. How invading bacteria use a sort of protein cinch-tie to hang on to human proteins:
  9. Opportunities to see if experimental #Marburg vaccines & drugs actually work are few & far between. The current outbreak in Equatorial Guinea could provide one such chance. But there aren't huge quantities of things to test, a WHO-led meeting heard today. Developers trying to scr
  10. Alexandria Verner, Brian Fraser and Arielle Anderson. Add them to the GOP's long trail of tears. #gop #nra #bloodmoney #news
  11. There is a #Marburg outbreak underway in Equatorial Guinea, the country's first, The WHO confirmed Monday. Though there has only been 1 positive test so far, there have been a total of 16 suspected cases, 9 of whom have died. There are currently no licensed vaccines for Marburg,
  12. An in-depth look at using a naturally occurring bacteria to affect dengue fever transmission by mosquitoes
  13. ICYMI: new, once daily med for #postpartum #depression is heading to the FDA for review. 🤰13% of new moms have PPD!! But existing treatments take weeks to work. PPD hurts mom & baby if untreated. New, safe, effective options are deeply needed. 💊Original study of zuranolone shows:
  14. Childbirth Is Deadlier for Black Families Even When They’re Rich, Expansive Study Finds This is an issue that Vice President Harris, Rep. Lauren Underwood, & others have been focusing on. I'm using my subscription to gift this article.
  15. Don't believe the #disinformation campaigns, part 1232. As I labeled it: the anti-vaxx interpretation of Fauci's paper is "hogwash". #medicine #publichealth #covid19
  16. This BBC piece is written by Bilan , the all-women media outlet in Somalia. Bilan was the subject of this recent post. According to a recent article in the BBC, Somalia is facing a growing problem of opioid addiction, particularly among young women. The use of opioids, including m
  17. The latest developments with #H5N1 #birdflu are unsettling. But humans & this virus, we have history. I asked a number of people who've been studying it, some for a quarter century, on their thoughts about where things stand now.
  18. No surprise. World Central Kitchen is already serving meals in Turkey. Proof there are really good people in the world.

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