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  1. Thank You – a New Milestone

    By Dan Rather Together, this community just hit a big round number. Economists know that it is far easier for people to grasp round numbers than odd ones. They are 100 percent sure of this. So much so that we regulate our behavior to achieve round numbers as well as celebrate them
  2. Trouble in Trumpland?

    By Dan Rather NBC’s “Meet The Press” this morning characterized Donald Trump’s South Carolina primary victory as “delivering a crushing blow to [Nikki] Haley in her home state on Saturday, trouncing her by 20 points with nearly 60 percent of the vote. The former president dominate
  3. “We Are the World”: The REAL Story

    By Dan Rather I confess I don’t know much about popular music. I am more of a country music guy, but I recently came upon a new documentary on Netflix that might be worth your time. It is called “The Greatest Night in Pop” and is about the making of the song “We Are the World.” Ev
  4. CPAC Speaker’s Goal: Ending Democracy

    By Dan Rather The annual Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) is seldom subtle. This year they aren’t just saying the quiet part out loud — they are screaming it. At a panel session Wednesday, right-wing conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec said without irony or sarcasm, “I
  5. A 101-Year-Old’s Fight Against Book Banning

    By Dan Rather Inspiration I’m often inspired by those younger than I who work tirelessly to help our country survive and thrive. But at 92, it’s not every day I find someone older who is such an inspiration. Grace Linn is a spry 101-year-old with strong opinions about what’s happen
  6. The Cost of Courage

    By Dan Rather Courage is the moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty, according to Merriam-Webster. It comes from the Latin cor , meaning heart. My father instilled in me a respect for the word and the ideal when I was very ill as a young chi
  7. ‘It‘s a Good Day’

    By Dan Rather If you’ve never heard of Peggy Lee, the best way I can describe her is that she was the Taylor Swift of my time. In that, like Swift, she was a superstar singer-songwriter of popular music. The Grammy winner wrote more than 270 songs, including many chart-toppers, li
  8. Final Honors for a Fallen Hero

    By Dan Rather At a hillside cemetery near the central Texas town of Gatesville, Sergeant Richard Rudd was finally laid to rest, nearly 80 years after he was killed in action. Attendance at the burial last December was light, as the late infantryman had few close relatives. The Arm
  9. Stormy Times Ahead

    By Dan Rather I noticed Donald Trump will spend more time in front of a judge this week than in front of potential voters. It’s his new normal. Trump’s schedule looks like a litigious hellscape. And his calendar for the foreseeable future is more of the same. It’s all so antitheti
  10. ’Fast Car‘

    By Dan Rather While watching the Grammys last Sunday, I was delighted by a duet performed by Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs . They sang “Fast Car,” a hit for Chapman in 1988. I was not the only one so moved. As I have discovered, it was one of the most popular performances of the nig
  11. Not So Long Ago

    By Dan Rather Fascist Germany may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was actually during my lifetime. And yet many people old enough to remember seem to have forgotten the horrible lessons of that time. Many more have never been taught what happened, why, or how. So given the curren
  12. One Voice

    By Dan Rather This morning, a federal appeals court issued a per curiam decision rejecting Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from prosecution for crimes he allegedly committed trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Described as speaking “with one voice,” the decis
  13. The ‘Do Nothing’ Strategy

    By Dan Rather Since the security of the U.S.-Mexico border is a top issue for many Americans, the Republican Party is betting that their strategy will win the day … or at least the presidential election. But it isn’t much of a plan. The strategy: Do nothing. The reason: Because Dona
  14. A New ’Joy‘ in Jazz

    By Dan Rather Samara Joy has been called the new voice of jazz, a vocal phenom, a savior of the genre. This young lady is “joy” personified and today’s reason to smile, from her stunning jazz singing to her megawatt smile. The 24-year-old jazz sensation from the Bronx surprised a
  15. What Would You Do?

    By Dan Rather I write this not to advocate for people immigrating to the United States or to campaign against them. This is a story about a desperate journey that tens of thousands are making, in spite of the cost or consequences. Because they feel they must. It is not about one p
  16. The Last Woman Standing

    By Dan Rather There’s an old expression in boxing, a “slugger’s chance.” It means an underdog is given an outside chance to win if the fighter has a reputation for being an especially heavy puncher. I’ve been saying since Nikki Haley first got into the race for the Republican pres
  17. Willie On My Mind

    By Dan Rather I was reminiscing recently about songs that are close to my heart. So many country songs from my younger years pop into my head at the oddest times these days, but I heard one recently from my friend Willie Nelson that reminded me of another time in Texas, a gentler
  18. Quietly Fixing the Mess

    By Dan Rather Hello to the Steady community. First, I want to thank you for your passionate engagement. Comments on our last post, “One Man,” were prolific — some of the most ever for a Steady post. Naturally, I encourage more. While most comments were positive, a few of you asked
  19. One Man

    By Dan Rather Here it is January 2024, and we find ourselves reminded anew that we are in a difficult, dangerous, and deepening political reality. As the first primary ballots are being cast in New Hampshire, the country is forced again to face the fact that one man has fundamenta
  20. An EGOT for Elton

    By Dan Rather It is perhaps the most coveted distinction in the entertainment industry: winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, so coveted because it happens so infrequently. The list of EGOT winners includes luminaries such as Helen Hayes, Audrey Hepburn, and Richa

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