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  1. Are notifications still a little buggy on here? Totally expected if so, just curious. I'm not being notified for most likes and comments on my posts despite having those toggled on for notifications.
  2. That'll fix it.
  3. Perhaps we're letting the wrong things define modern work.
  4. @post seems to be skating in the right direction on design and responsible business practices. Very impressed so far. I know Mastodon is getting a lot of attention but would be great to see more folks
  5. Anyone else having trouble getting Focus Filters to activate on iPad OS 16 and Ventura?
  6. If you use your Mac in clamshell mode, the $199 Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is a pricey but worthy accessory. It’s saving me minutes each day from logging into my password manager. And touch to wake
  7. Bear, Obsidian, Craft, Mem, Evernote - I haven't found my ideal team notes app yet.

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