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  1. there's a reason they call it the golden hour #beautifulplace #postpics
  2. Nothing like sligning some mud at the in-laws place to help move some of this CA rain water (and correct an overzealous contractor) #DIY #mudfight
  3. Happy New Years or as my kids say Happy New Yea!
  4. I feel my sisters custom glass gift really nailed my essence!
  5. As we close out the year any books on your 2022 list you'd recommend?
  6. Its a beautiful day - Merry Xmas
  7. 2022 - Books!

    2022 was a great reading year - caught up on some long-lingering titles and started/finished some great series. Here are 5 of my favorites this year - always appreciative of any book recommendations/s
  8. Is life just a balance between the 3 R's? Risk Reward Repercussions
  9. King tides can bring destruction but also treasures like this guy
  10. Can you imagine the emotions a player feels on their walk to the penalty spot... And the emotions if they miss. Must be the loneliest walk in the world
  11. Almost a pity this is going to penalties... Feels almost unfair given the effort on both sides. Wish they brought back the golden goal!
  12. #Lakers looking like they are coming to life! Hoping AD is alright would be a pity given his work this season so far...
  13. @ProfG Heard your resolution on your latest podcast re: slowing time. I think you are on the right path regarding meditation which is but a tool for mindfulness and prese
  14. And finally completing my series on startups and what to consider if you are looking to potentially join one. First series of articles I've written - probably could use some (lots) of refinement but I
  15. I recently put up a bird feeder and I have to say it makes me far happier than I thought it ever would! 10/10 would recommend (plus look at the size of that fat guy on the right...)
  16. Is it just me or does it feel like this cold and flu are making up for lost time? Feels like everyone is sick 🤒
  17. Change, even change that leaves you better off can be tough. Make sure you give yourself the space to breathe and grieve what you left behind
  18. And the one that got this all started - the upsides! #startups #career #rightrolerightnow
  19. And, in case you missed the first part of my series on Startups - Are they right for you? (which of course you did as I wasnt on Post!) here are is article # 1 - the downsides! #startups #career #rightrolerightnow
  20. If you are looking to join a startup - make sure you get answers to the following 7 questions. How many months of runway are left? What are the founders’ track records? What are the credentials/expertise

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