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  1. Night swim - Tiny Planets
  2. Happy Friday
  3. Bee Butts! And a friend -
  4. The Age of AI Has Begun
  5. Life is rough. Have some ToeBeans.
  6. Gravity Batteries
  7. Youngest is schooling me in Minecraft. Third time taking this class. ⛏️
  8. Circles and Networks

    People Aren’t Meant to Talk This Much I miss google +, but wasn’t sure why. This reminded me why the Circles were so fundamentally important.
  9. Here’s a template for Thanksgiving Conversation Bingo. Enjoy!
  10. First post wasn’t a dog pic. So… have two!
  11. House is beginning to smell like Thanksgiving. 😁 There are several dishes that I don’t eat, but love to smell cooking anyway!

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