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Lifelong street performer, writer, sailor, birder, hiker, husband, father, friend… Oakland born, East Bay raised… happen to be fond of democracy

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  1. Rick Scott found under the bus

    #Laguiole bottle opener— fun and different I like different Wine (Natural) from Ordinaire in Oakland's Grand Lake District I'm still riding Biden's #SOTU —it was stellar Fave moment of week was McConnell disassociating Republican senate from Rick Scott's proposal to scrap Social Sec
  2. I'd get a woman from audience to help me get up on cans— "You can trust me, I'm a man—" that was always a solid laugh
  3. OK, one way to mark time
  4. Exploratorium SF... Every once in a while I get lucky
  5. Fraud, election fraud, tax fraud, political fraud and more fraud Manifestly unfit for public office of any kind, he's a con man Complete collapse of vetting in 2016 by everyone got us to here And here is
  6. I surf over and scroll but no longer like tweets I don't add comments The more I use Post and Mastodon the more I enjoy both! Getting out of T-Bird is first, selling our Tesla comes next— The new owner is
  7. Right there next to you... feeling like the time has come
  8. Caesars Palace Water Follies

    What makes this hard isn’t the science, it’s not coming up with the answers, it’s the politics. Water is something you either have or you don’t have
  9. Great game, no crying for Argentina tonight— Still, the luxury boxes with Jared Kushner and Elon Musk American oligarchs pretending to be sports fans— that's incidental, a mere fraction of their focus Y
  10. Out and about in San Francisco Bay Baghdad by the Bay looking like a jewel Friday night
  11. The dog on stage keeping an eye on her partner
  12. Got my first thirsty long look at the Southwest in 1974... Wide-eyed just out of school, traveling with a circus I will never forget this dusty nowhere place called Tucson— Stuck in Las Cruces— I rememb
  13. Perspective from on high What is on my mind is the reliable narrator... Storytellers are our best chance, they point the way
  14. So frustrating, because our peace ambassadors were overwhelmed by our marketeers... that among other temptations helped propel us to this moment As my my meditation teacher suggests, take a deep breath
  15. Tormenting the local felines is a fool-time job for this squirrel
  16. Intelligence Collector Self Own's

    Edward Snowden— that's been a strange trip His con worked for awhile until it fell apart In my weird way of seeing the world Putin is a dictator His atrocities are crimes against humanity I'm not sure I'm
  17. Cochise County is host to the bohemian high desert jewel known as Bisbee... A raucous Board of Supervisors was attempting to disenfranchise all Cochise citizens in a fit by a temperamental misinformed
  18. This isn't Republican House roadmap This is a party with a wrecking ball strategy Distract, deflect and act defiant— Problem makers do government shutdowns, brinksmanship, hostage taking, lot of hot air

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