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#istandwithukraine #BLM #taketheflagback 🌈 I do fb. I block mean tweets. Life's too short; scroll on by.

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  1. The hottest club in DC right now is the Circuit Court’s ruling on absolute presidential immunity. It has everything: It grants full jurisdiction based on Judge Henderson’s assertion during the immunity hearing that Midland Asphalt’s narrow list of interlocutory appeals is a “sugge
  2. By D. Mann Today, D. Mann weaves a story of a man as he grapples with the heart-wrenching task of saying goodbye to his beloved old dog, coping with his own sorrow, and the profound impact of the loss of the dog on his wife and child. There she lay, on a cream colored cotton blanke
  3. You should only ever tell the king what he ought to do, not what he could do, for if the lion knows his own strength, no man could control him. - Thomas Wolsey
  4. FREE - The very places where local news is disappearing are often the same places that wield disproportionate political power. This phenomenon affects Americans living far away from the news deserts. D

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