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Mask Up Vax Up

Retired happily married. Enjoy projects and painting. Dem/No MAGA allowed. No DM

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  1. We made runza/bierocks yesterday.
  2. The #January6thCommittee is expected to make at least three #criminalreferrals against #Trump to the #DOJ on Monday. These include #incitementofinsurrection , #obstruction , and #conspiracytodefraud the
  3. Such interesting news concerning cancer treatment this week. This and a vaccine for melanoma.
  4. Free Covid tests will be available via mail again starting tomorrow
  5. Intro

    First post here. Still on Twitter but trying this. I want the quick news I was use to on Twitter. I enjoy the funny animal pics and love me some Newfie dogs! I paint and enjoy projects. I enjoy getti

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