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Author of Fantasy

Greetings, all. My name is Dalton Drake and I'm a self-published author, Tabletop RPG designer, voice actor, and martial artist from Texas. I love all things fantasy. My drink is a dirty chai latte with oat milk and vanilla. I am hard to flatter, easy to bribe.

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  1. I'll never forget the time my editor at Fictionphile held the line against a client who didn't like my review. "You have journalistic integrity, and that's what we need at Fictionphile. You were way n
  2. The End of High School English? Hardly...

    This article about ChatGPT is equal parts fascinating and terrifying. AI is coming for the arts and it's coming fast. Who will be reading novels by human authors if the AI can simply write them one wi
  3. Hello, Post world! I'm happy to be here!

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