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“He felt the shivering, cold embrace of rock bottom.”

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  1. Howard Nicholas - dynamic, knowledgeable professor sharing the parasitic effects of Western economic practices
  2. Hello 🖐️ Does anyone have any nice main vegetarian recipes? I’m still using eggs and cheese until they run out. 🥑
  3. Benjamin Ferencz
  4. Boycott Chinese Goods A major figure in the Hong Kong democracy movement, Jimmy Lai is imprisoned by the Chinese government. Please keep his name visible so that he is not forgotten.
  5. Australian Archibald Prize winners / link to gallery website
  6. Romper Stomper

    The irony signing into Bing just now to use ChatGPT was not lost on me. Some people are debating the finer points of AI decision making and so on, I’m just thinking if they do go on a rampage will there be a kill switch? And I remember fondly the time my flatmate was distributing
  7. They’re all on their way out. There’s a change in the air. I am so happy to be alive at this time in history. These elitists will be ousted like Macron.
  8. Have no doubt, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk are thick as thieves. They are still friends, and have not fallen out. Dorsey’s comments are to further his (and Musk’s) interests.
  9. Rich d*ckhead

    When people like Elon Musk try to buy ‘time’ with you unsuccessfully you wonder about rich people using their wealth to try to sleep with women. It happened to me before too in Spain with a fat millionaire. I guess being rich makes them attractive to some people.
  10. John McAfee - murdered by the US Is it not clear to people that this was a US assassination?
  11. Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen audiobook

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