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Mother of a teen, tech worker and music lover. I support BLM, KHive, LGBTQ rights, disability rights and believe that abortion is healthcare. I am a cannabis advocate as well. This GenXer wants to say: let’s defeat all GOP fascists and tax the hell out of narcissistic billionaires.

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  1. I need new shows to binge. I watch a lot of TV so I have already seen many of the things. I am currently in a drama / crime / biopic mood but I’m open to comedy, especially if it’s dark. I don’t watch
  2. Now that Christmas is nearing the end, my New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to post more often to #POST
  3. If you’re feeling sick and not sure what you have, here’s an incredibly unhelpful CDC chart of the symptoms of a cold, the flu, RSV, and Covid. You’re welcome. 😎👀💕 #MedPost
  4. Enough said.
  5. What’s everyone reading this grey weekend? Halfway through Wayward, the sequel to Wanderers, and finding it difficult to put down to get back to work. . #bookpost #dystopia #tbr #books #Bookworm
  6. Good info!
  7. Cozy vibes

    Really digging Post. It feels so shiny, new and cozy. I find it easier to use than Mastodon. So, time for some #Followbacks . I follow back almost all accounts (except for the usual suspects). #FridayFollow
  8. Musk suspending many of the reporters covering him will hopefully be tipping point for a lot of people.
  9. FYI, free Covid tests are now available to order on the USPS website.
  10. I’m stoked. Post is definitely a breath of fresh air!
  11. I’m posting this for no particular reason. #MajorAnnouncement
  12. You know what the most pathetic thing is about that #MajorAnnouncement ? He looks in the mirror and that's what he sees. He really really does.
  13. First post. Time to follow and follow back. Happy National Cupcake Day!

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