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  1. By Dan Rather Fascist Germany may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was actually during my lifetime. And yet many people old enough to remember seem to have forgotten the horrible lessons of that time. Many more have never been taught what happened, why, or how. So given the curren
  2. Joe Biden is honest, transparent, empathetic, selfless, patriotic, and arguably the most accomplished first term president in modern American history. That works for me.
  3. Dear Congressional Republicans: Being in the pro-Putin caucus today will age about as well as being in the pro-Hitler caucus in 1938. Choose wisely. xoxo America
  4. "No person - not even the President of the United States - is above the law." United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974)
  5. BREAKING: RASKIN: CRIMINAL REFERRALS: You tasked us to form a subcommittee to determine whether criminal referrals should be made BACKGROUND CONSIDERATION ours is NOT a system of justice where the foot

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